About stain free fabrics: everything you need to know

FibreGuard fabrics are certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and also comply fully with the EU’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation. Fabrics that are safe for both the environment and its inhabitant.

There are three kinds of people who use FibreGuard fabrics:

  • Families. We’re talking: House party guests, Mucky pets, Arty children, messy adults, People who work from home, Private boat interiors.
  • Contract industry professionals and the end-users of interior spaces.
  • By this we mean:
  • Architects and Interior designers who would be specifying various fabric applications for their interior projects.
  • Everyone in the hospitality industry, from contractors to designers to hotel guests to cruise ships to rental properties like homes, apartments, B&Bs and apart-hotels. Our easy-to-clean fabrics work hard for everyone.
  • Healthcare facility staff and patients, from hospital rooms to waiting rooms, from receptions to lobby areas, canteens, and cafeterias, from rest homes and nursing homes.
  • Bars and restaurants (and their patrons) because FibreGuard fabrics are easy to clean, good-looking and durable.
  • Corporate environments, like office buildings, cubicles, reception areas, etc., Childcare facilities, because FibreGuard fabrics are safe for delicate skin and easy to clean for household stains.
  • Everyone, actually
  • You can find FibreGuard fabrics in all good fabric supplier shops, on sofas and chairs in retail shops and at fabrics wholesalers for volume, contract-specific orders.

    During the manufacturing process, the yarns are protected with our unique and well-researched finish to make them both stain-resistant and long-wearing, even after multiple washes. We don’t use any cleaning sprays to make FibreGuard fabrics because you don’t need them.

  • What soap do we need to clean fibreguard?
  • A bar of normal, white, hard soap that doesn’t contain heavy detergent.

  • What kind of microfibre cloth should i use?
  • It doesn’t matter what size or colour microfibre cloth you use, just that it is a real microfibre cloth. This is because the many fibres in a microfibre cloth work kind of like millions of tiny fingers, doing the hard work for you.

  • Can we bleach fibreguard fabrics?
  • No, bleaching your FibreGuard fabrics could damage the overall structural integrity of your fabrics. This means weakening the fibres, weakening the seams, and thinning the pile. Bleach will damage your fabric’s colour or pattern, causing it to drastically fade.

  • Does fibreguard fabric need to have scotchgard applied to prevent everyday dirt and grime build-up?
  • No, FibreGuard fabric is inherently stain-resistant and does not need any other sprays or finishes to keep it being incredibly easy to clean, day after day after day after day.

  • How much water?
  • Using plenty of water won’t damage your FibreGuard fabrics. Let it air dry afterwards, and don’t use any heating method, such as hair dryers, to speed up the drying process. Heat will damage the fabric.

  • Is the Circular movement important?
  • Yes, rubbing gently in a circular motion is important because of the crisscrossing structure of the yarns. Using a circular movement is the best way to make sure you clean the whole stain effectively.

  • What is the ideal pressure to apply when cleaning?
  • A gentle pressure is all that’s required. Rubbing harder will just smush the stain further into the structure of the fabric itself and make it harder to remove in the long run.

  • Do I need a toothbrush to clean Fibreguard fabrics?
  • No, you don’t. All you need is water, a real microfibre cloth, and perhaps a small hard bar of white household soap to clean FibreGuard fabrics.

  • Can I use vinegar to clean Fibrguard Fabrics?
  • No, don’t use vinegar to clean FibreGuard fabrics, it could damage your fabric.

  • What kind of stains can I remove from Fibreguard fabrics?
  • All kinds of household stains. We’re talking like mayonnaise, kétchup, BBQ sauce, olive oil, red wine, coffee, sweat, vomit…

    Yes, FibreGuard Outdoor fabrics incorporate the original FibreGuard fabric stain free technology with a few added extras, including solution-dyed polyolefin yarn, especially for outdoor use.